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  This is our second phase verification procedure where registered user helps us to validate the profiles. In this way the chances of getting fake or incomplete profile in negligible. As we have zero tolerance against such profiles. We are happy with less number of authentic and complete profiles but we never ever would like to listen that I contacted that profile owner and came to know that he / she is married or engaged already or contact details is invalid. Mahuri Vaisya matrimony provides versatile search option to its online and offline user. Like search by age range, search y khata’s, search by Profession, Search by education, height range search, Mangalik search and many more. Our database contains suitable match from Seth, Lohani, Bhadani, Tarway, Kapsime, Chrarnpahari, Pawanchadah, Sah, Barbigayaa, Barahpuria, Vaishkiyaar khata’s. Keeping in mind the requirement of user we have developed an offline channel for providing complete privacy for those who do not like to share their matrimonial resume online. Such Offline user can access online profiles but we do not provide the access to offline user’s details to online users. We share the offline user details only with Paid Member after getting persimmon to do so. In this way we provide complete privacy. Like professional and world class matrimonial site Mahuri matrimony provide assisted matrimony facility to our paid members also. In this service user have to share his/ her partner preference details only with us and that is ok. Now our role starts we shortlist best suitable profiles from our online and offline database and provide the list of Profiles Id’s to the user then if required we talk to opposite alliance on behalf of them. Recently we have added a brand new service / feature to our sit to help community member which I have not seen on any matrimony website. This is Matrimonial Photograph link option. Now days people avoid direct meeting for giving matrimonial proposal, they use to send Photograph and resume through email. It is very and convenience way but with this ease and convenience some security threats also involve which very few people knows that photo and resume remained life time with them, second thing is that it may fall under wrong hands also, I am not talking about community members , I have immense faith on them but what happen people generally copy data in pen drive/ thumb drive and many times it fell down or misplace somewhere the monetary loss is bearable but the loss of data and security threats is unbearable. In such a scenario we have fond an alternate way of matrimonial photo and resume sharing option. We keep photo graph and resume on our world class highly secured server and give a link for sharing Photograph and resume. From next time you have to share only link instead of soft copy of Photograph and resume. The best aspect of this feature is that we can remove the photograph as per our requirement and even those person who have link, not able to access, in this way your data is complete secure on Mahuri Matrimony Server.  
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